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Video Update #27 - Lituya Bay, Alaska  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [8th Feb 16]  See below for comments (3)

Lituya Bay, Alaska - Click for full-size.

Happy New Year everyone!

Chris and I have just returned from a month of running 2x two week photo safaris in Kenya!! More on that below, but I have just finished editing our next video update, number 27!!

VIDEO UPDATE #27 - Lituya Bay to Red Bluff Bay, Alaska, July 2015. Lituya Bay is a fascinating and hauntingly beautiful place. A 'tide-line' of younger trees still rim the bay, evidence of the wold's largest-ever mega-tsunami that occurred here 50 years ago. Amazing story - there were three fishing boats in the bay when it happened, and some survived to tell the tale.

You really can't beat Kenya for wildlife photography! Here is a little 'Best Wildlife Camera Attacks' video that Chris has just finished editing together!

We wish you and your family a very happy New Year!

Jess and Chris

9th Feb 16 - Derek Jackson - commented:

absolutely nerve tingling footage!! The video of the inlets and mountains took me back to when I travelled around the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Stunning and some of the best footage of animal close-ups I havr ever had the privilege to enjoy. I will definitely be sharing this with family and friends. You two are so wonderful to travel with even if it's from the comfort of my office. I look forward to the day we can get together again...maybe on another travel project? Best wishes and warmest thanks for sharing your travel experiences. Derek
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11th Feb 16 - Your Name Cathy Kennedy - commented:

Wonderful. So beautiful and your story is so very interesting and informative. Congratulations xx
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15th Feb 16 - Ellen & Seth - commented:

Gorgeous video, guys! So glad you took our recommendations for the Inside Passage!! Isn't Whitewater awesome!? We had a bit of a time rowing against that current when it was getting dark one night... we don't have an outboard... and we'd stayed in the lagoon too long checking out the bears! Also glad you liked Baranof :) We met some awesome people there as well as loving the hot springs :)
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