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Swell news for Chris and Jess  A notification of this news item was emailed to subscribers. Click to subscribe!  [30th Jun 17]  See below for comments (12)

Chris and Jess on Christmas Island - Click for full-size.
Swell Lodge 3D concept - Click for full-size.
Swell Lodge eco-chalet - Click for full-size.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it's taken us so long to get this next video and update out!!! We have so much exciting news to update you on!!!

To start with, we have sold Teleport! She's been for sale since July 2015 as we have just run out of time to continue sailing her. We now run our photography tours all through the northern summer, sharing some of our favourite places in the world that we first found on Teleport (like Greenland and Alaska) with our tour guests. Our other exciting news is that we have just been granted approval for our next big project...

We are building a luxury eco-lodge inside the national park of Christmas Island! The construction of Swell Lodge’s solar-powered, glass-fronted eco-chalets along a 500m section of coastline will commence later this year and is the first such eco-accommodation allowed inside any of the Commonwealth national parks in Australia which include Uluru, Kakadu and Norfolk Island.

We are really excited to start working on our next project, basing ourselves out of Christmas Island for the next few years! Just like our Teleport video updates, we’re documenting the whole behind-the-scenes story of creating this project which is already proving pretty fascinating. You can follow the progress and watch our new series of videos by signing up for our e-newsletter at Swell Lodge or following us on Facebook or Instagram.

Also, don't stop following Yacht Teleport as we have kept the name ‘Teleport’ and of course this website as we plan to purchase a bigger boat for more high-latitude sailing adventures in the years to come.

It’s been an absolute delight having you follow our arctic sailing aboard Teleport over these past 7 years - thanks so much for all your comments and enthusiasm along the way. Your encouragement certainly helped lift us through the challenges and the wonderful experiences were even more special knowing we could share it with all of you.

So in the meantime before we get back into more arctic sailing - here’s the first of the Swell Lodge video series for you…

Best wishes,

Chris & Jess

30th Jun 17 - Ted sherrin - commented:

wow guys, you have been busy. Amazing and well done.
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30th Jun 17 - Geof (Nova Scotia Canada) - commented:

About time you gave an update....:) Good luck to both of you on the new direction...:)
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30th Jun 17 - Alan G - commented:

Arctic to tropical ! Have fun - I hope to visit you one day !
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30th Jun 17 - Antonia - commented:

I am so wanting to come and stay and meet you and the amazing Christmas Island - put me on your list for sure!
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30th Jun 17 - Nigel Brockhoff - commented:

Great to hear from you both and fun to still be able to keep in touch with your new venture. Best wishes from us :) Nige and Margie.
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30th Jun 17 - Robert Finch - commented:

I first bought the book and have been following you ever since. Being 86 I can only watch and listen to your exciting travels.
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30th Jun 17 - Vicky Bray - commented:

I most definitely want to stay in touch! LOL.xxx
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30th Jun 17 - Merike Johnson - commented:

Oh please keep me on your mailing list. Good on you, well done. I have been to Christmas Island as a tourist, it is indeed an amazing place. Your eco-lodge tempts me for a return visit.
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30th Jun 17 - Doug Telfer - commented:

telfer@iinet.net.au Please keep me on the list for future communications.
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1st Jul 17 - Anonymous - commented:

Good news, busy bees. Fantastic project on Christmas Island. Worth following and perhaps visiting, if still alive, when completed. Is Swell Lodge newsletter included here?
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2nd Jul 17 - Byron McCord - commented:

Dear Chris and Jes, Thanks for the update and for your environmental conscientiousness. May you have similar success with insight and sensitivity in regard to employer/employer relations and participation in the life of the indigenous human community of Christmas Island.
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16th Nov 17 - Sue Fontanna - commented:

That is awesome. We thoroughly enjoyed your Teleport videos and are looking forward to watching your new adventure unfold, even if it's sailing related. Perhaps we'll even make it to Christmas Island one day! Best of luck to you both.
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