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Latest 15 of 1965 messages:

Your neighbours on Christmas Island (Tom - 5th Jul 17)

Hi Jess and Chris,
I follow your adventures since the beginning of the Teleport sailing. My congratulations with your new project ! But as I looked up Christmas Island on Google maps, I discovered that only a few hunderd meters away from the Swell Lodge there is a vast Detention Center. According to Wikepedia the situation of the refugees there is very difficult (overcrowding & riots...) How you are going to deal with this to assure the tranquility of your guests ? Cordially, Tom

Chris & Jess's Reply (5th Jul 17)

G'day Tom - good question! Firstly, the whole facility is slated to close at the end of this year, so that's great. It's not housed illegal immigrants for a long time now, and thankfully gone are the days when there were dozens of boatloads of asylum seekers turning up each month causing this centre that was designed to accommodate about 800 had many many thousands there, hence the riots etc. There are some people temporarily detained there at the moment, but they are not asylum seekers, just ppl who've had their regular visas revoked due to breaking the law I gather. Anyway, the centre is over a km away out of sight up and over the top of the island's plateau so there's no way you can hear it or even see it's lighting glow at night - I actually camped out in a hammock at the lodge site last night - pitch black. =) Actually, the waves breaking on the shore made it hard to even hear the birds. You'd never know it was there. =)

(Byron McCord - 2nd Jul 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

Dear Chris and Jes,

Thanks for the update and for your environmental conscientiousness. May you have similar success with insight and sensitivity in regard to employer/employer relations and participation in the life of the indigenous human community of Christmas Island.

Chris & Jess's Reply (2nd Jul 17)

Hi Byron. So great to hear from you!! Thanks so much for your good wishes!! Enjoy the Alaskan summer and keep in touch!

(Anonymous - 1st Jul 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

Good news, busy bees. Fantastic project on Christmas Island. Worth following and perhaps visiting, if still alive, when completed. Is Swell Lodge newsletter included here?

Chris & Jess's Reply (1st Jul 17)

Hi! Thanks so much for your message!! We would love to host you on Christmas Island. You'll need to visit the Swell Lodge website (www.SwellLodge.com) and sign up for the newsletter to be kept up to date. Cheerio,

(Doug Telfer - 30th Jun 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

Please keep me on the list for future communications.

(Merike Johnson - 30th Jun 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

Oh please keep me on your mailing list. Good on you, well done. I have been to Christmas Island as a tourist, it is indeed an amazing place. Your eco-lodge tempts me for a return visit.

(Vicky Bray - 30th Jun 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

I most definitely want to stay in touch! LOL.xxx

congrats (chris - 30th Jun 17)

Congratulations guys, can't wait for the next installment of the new adventure. x

(Robert Finch - 30th Jun 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

I first bought the book and have been following you ever since. Being 86 I can only watch and listen to your exciting travels.

(Nigel Brockhoff - 30th Jun 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

Great to hear from you both and fun to still be able to keep in touch with your new venture. Best wishes from us :) Nige and Margie.

(Antonia - 30th Jun 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

I am so wanting to come and stay and meet you and the amazing Christmas Island - put me on your list for sure!

Chris & Jess's Reply (30th Jun 17)

We would love to welcome you to Christmas Island Antonia!

(Alan G - 30th Jun 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

Arctic to tropical !
Have fun - I hope to visit you one day !

Chris & Jess's Reply (30th Jun 17)

We look forward to welcoming you to Island paradise Alan!

(Geof (Nova Scotia Canada) - 30th Jun 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

About time you gave an update....:)
Good luck to both of you on the new direction...:)

Chris & Jess's Reply (30th Jun 17)

Thanks so much Geof! We are looking forward to the change!

(Ted sherrin - 30th Jun 17) - Re: News item 'Swell news for Chris and Jess'

wow guys, you have been busy. Amazing and well done.

Just bout a boat (George Adam - 3rd May 17)

Hi Chris and Jess,

I just bought a sailboat a few months ago. I've been looking to get one for a few years now and finally made the big step. The boat is a 35ft aluminium sloop from 1982, and it's moored in Barcelona atm and if you ever come by let me know, you're welcome to stay!

I'm a Romanian living in London and my girlfriend is from Australia.

I really liked your youtube channel !


Chris & Jess's Reply (3rd May 17)

Hi George, Thanks so much for your message!! Your boat sounds amazing!! Make sure to send up a picture or two when you start sailing her!! I'll have to take note to come and visit if we find ourselves in Barcelona. Unfortunately we don't travel to Spain very often. But if we do we'll look you up for sure!! Cheers, Jess and Chris

(Gene Roll - 13th Apr 17) - Re: News item 'TELEPORT still for sale'

is your boat still for sale?

Chris & Jess's Reply (13th Apr 17)

Hi Gene,
Our boat has been sold! Sorry! Thanks for your interest.

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